Crescent Lighting specializes in indigenous design and quality production! 

Incredibly unique and hard-to-rival, at Crescent Lighting, we possess ever-evolving designs and innovative layout of its products with easy application. Our robust and leading-edge testing labs, most backward-integrated manufacturing plants, and numerous manufacturing quality certifications speak volumes about Crescent Lighting’s trust with quality and build confidence among our clients. 

From concept designing to manufacturing, Crescent Lighting uses a single team that works holistically. We consider optics, electronics, aesthetics, and usability together, and because we make everything we can in-house, every aspect of our products works seamlessly to create realistic, transformative light. 

At Crescent Lighting, we provide better quality with better lighting technologies. The heatsinks are made from premium-quality aluminium, which makes them highly durable and robust. They fit tighter to the ceiling to prevent sagging, and they don’t leak light. 

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