Mr. Ankur Mehta
Founder & Chairman

Mr. Ankur Mehta is the Founder & CMD for Crescent Opto Pvt Ltd. He provides the strategic direction and oversees all operations. His profound insight, vision, and team-building skills have fostered healthy relationships with the clients. Being exceptionally quality conscious, his leadership has contributed to the development of a culture of quality within the company. 

Mr. Shobhan Savai
Technical Director

The company is headed by one of the most prominent directors, Mr. Shobhan Savai. He is a renowned technical professional in the electrical and electronic industry and was a pioneer in the development of LED lighting products. The company has made tremendous strides toward the development of high-quality products and has built significant recognition throughout the industry. 

Mr. Ajay Variava
Factory Manager

Mr. Ajay Variava is Factory Manager. He ensures seamless functioning of supply chain and operations to maximize quality, minimize risk and deliver a competitive product to the global renewable market.

As a quality management leader, he has successfully created multiple processes to benefit the company. He tightens processes and manufacturing practices to achieve unprecedented quality performance. He instigates a team-spirited approach to maximize the use of talent and has built a significant number of leaders within the company.

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