Difference Between Warm White (3K) | Natural White (4K) | Cool White (6K)

Which one should you go for?

The various shades of white LED light often leave us confused and unsure of which one to choose.

We are here to help you get rid of the confusion.

Types of LED Colors
There are three types of whites for LED lighting.

● Warm White, which gives off about 3000 Kelvin degrees (3K)
● Natural White, which gives off about 4000 Kelvin degrees (4K)
● Cool White, which gives off about 6000 Kelvin degrees (6K)

Warm White is yellowish and looks like a traditional incandescent or halogen light.
Natural White reflects a bright white color that gives a natural day lighting look.
Cool White leans toward shades of blue and looks more like the light from a neon sign.

Which white light should you choose?
We all experience light in different ways and have differing preferences.
But most people agree that certain kinds of white lights work best in certain situations.


Warm White

Where is it used?

Warm White is great for spaces like the living room, dining room, and bedroom.
It emits a soft glow that works well for these places.
It is ideal in places used for spending a relaxed and leisurely time.

What are its benefits?

Warm white light is easy on the eyes.
It also enhances the appearance by making the texture look blemish-free and smooth.
It has a modest and elegant appearance with a calming effect.

Natural White

Where is it used?

Natural White radiates bright and neutral white lighting.

This makes it an ideal option for anyone needing a high level of precision.
Particularly, in the fields of art, craft, and photography.

What are its benefits?

It offers a fine balance between yellowish and blueish tinges of light.
Due to this balanced radiation, it doesn’t alter our color perception.
It promises higher task accuracy as well.
It is similar to natural lighting and can be used in any setting.

Cool White

Where is it used?

Cool White has a higher luminosity than Warm White.
This is why it is used in places where accurate color representation is necessary.
This includes places like the kitchen, factories, assembly lines, salons, and parlors, etc.

What are its benefits?

Cool White casts a modern and aesthetic look.
It helps give a clear, fresh glow that goes well with modern and contemporary decor.
It is the best choice in spaces where practical applications are being carried out.
It blends well with majority of the ergonomic needs.
Also, it suits most of the textures and surfaces.

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