About Us

Commercial Lighting

Brand is owned by Crescent Opto Pvt Ltd – Surat. In 1975 Mehta Electric Corporation kept a first stone to build this organization. Mehta Ele. Co. did distribution in Gujarat for 33 years of well known lighting companies. In 2008 - Started Importing & manufacturing of led fixtures & begun to build fully indigenous company in the name of Crescent Opto Pvt Ltd . Having facility of in house Pressure die casting, Powder coating, Drilling tapping, laser cutting, laser printing, Pick & place etc,. Vision Crescent Opto Pvt Ltd has a vision to establish the name in the category of quality lighting manufacturers. We understand India market is always quality & Price sensitive. As India is facing power fluctuation, Spikes & other problems, Also India market is different then other Asian market. We need to consider some additional precautions in designing of led drivers. We have engineers who are very senior & experienced. With their expertise we have made products have failure ratio is less then 0.8%. We always meet our customers to understand requirements & we try to incorporate those requirements. Our Distributors & We ourselves have experience of doing Lighting products distribution of 40 years. As we understand this industry very well. We know what will make our distributors happy & what will not. So, we always remain in touch with our distributors directly. We believe in one distributor policy. We only deal with distributors & OEMs.